About Case Monkey

Case Monkey is all about creating your own personal style.

Design Your Own Custom Cases with Case Monkey

In a sea of iPhones and iPads, anyone should be able to design their own iphone or ipad styles using their own graphics, our graphics, or both!  Individuality is what makes us tick.  Now you can try all types of cool color fades and stylish text to really make your designs pop to make your case unique.  You don’t even have to buy it.  Just try out some designs of your own and see what happens! Purchase them, or save them for later to come back and make them even cooler.  On top of that, we’ve created free profiles to play around and save and share designs with your friends or family or collaborate on some  matching gear (great for sports teams and organizations too).  Get crazy with it.  Show off that inner unicorn.  Make anything and everything your heart desires on your iphone or ipad cases.  And most of all, have fun with it!

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About Us

We’re a small group based in San Diego, CA. We work with top case manufacturers and printers to offer customization of the best case brands and products we can find. This year we’re adding a whole bunch of new products to customize, so come back and check us out again soon. We ship just about anywhere in the world, so if you’re not able to order from where you are currently, contact us and we’ll be sure to add your country right away. Our customer service is right here in our own offices and open during business hours. To make things even snappier, you can use our contact us page.

Web Technology

Our website technology is all powered by the MyStyle Platform. It is available for companies to use to power custom products, true web-to-print personalization, content management, SEO, ecommerce, blogging, sharing, and community all at once. Contact MyStyle Platform for more information.

Business / Corporate Programs

We offer a number of options for businesses of all sizes. Ranging from simple branded cases for company phones, to entire private customization portals and white label websites (like a mini case-monkey.com just for your company) where your staff can add in their own creative designs and styles, we can combine protection, branding, and personalization.

Read more about our Case Monkey Corporate Programs and Wholesale Phone Cases here.


We work with the top manufacturers to customize the best products available.  If you are a case manufacturer, please contact us about customizing your products.

If You Like Custom Products…

If you love easily making your own awesome custom products online with our app, check out some of our affiliates from the MyStyle Goods network, where you can create more cool customized stuff: