iPod Touch 4 – Design Your Own Coveroo Snap On Case for iPod 4 (touch)

You’re Designing a Custom iPod Touch 4 Case

(Coveroo Snap On Case for iPod Touch 4th Gen)

Step 1


Click “Background Colors” to change the color of the printed area on the case (the back). You can choose a 2nd color to make cool custom color fades, and use the slider next to the color pickers to change the direction of the fade.

Pro-Tip:What’s your favorite color? Try a light version of that color for the 1st color choice, and a dark version of that color for the 2nd color choice – then slide the angle back and forth until you find a cool look!

Or, click “Background Images” to browse our images that you can use for backgrounds. If you’d like to upload your own images, proceed to step 3.

Or, click “Skip this step” or just click step 2, to move on to create your own custom iPod 4 case design from scratch.

Step 2

Add Pictures

Personalize your design by uploading your own photos, browsing our graphics, or pulling an image from a web URL.

Step 3

Add Text

In step 3, you can really personalize your custom case by adding your own text!

Step 4

Confirm Options

Step 4 is even easier. Simply check the box to confirm to the terms and check off if you’d like your case to shown in the gallery or not, and press OK.

Enter your email address to save your design and it will automatically email you a link to it so you can reload it or come back to it any time you want (don’t worry, we hate spam, too! We always keep your email address private and never share it with anyone).

That’s it! Your new Custom iPod Case is done!

After completing all of the steps above, your custom case will be saved now (to your free profile) where you can share it with your friends on any network, or by email! The case will also be added to your shopping cart. Check our homepage for promotions and coupons for exclusive Case Monkey offers and discount codes!

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