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Below are some of our sponsors and affiliate program networks or directories.

ATTN Webmasters:
Make Money with Case Monkey Affiliate Programs

To make money with Case Monkey affiliate programs, please find us in any of the networks listed above, or apply for our internal program.

Case Monkey Internal Affiliate Program:

Our internal affiliate program allows webmasters to link directly to any page in our site, including a custom branded landing page.  This is exceptionally effective for sites with user-generated image content that can be turned into custom case designs.

Case Monkey Internal Affiliate Program Structure:

  • free
  • hand-approved advertisers/webmasters only
  • tracked on our platform
  • no affiliate network or network fees
  • dashboard for affiliates to view commissions
  • 30-day tracking cookies
  • 1%-2% average conversion ratio typical
  • 10%-20% commissions

To apply for the internal Case Monkey affiliate program, please contact us directly or email us at, provide your contact information, and explain briefly where you’re linking from, if you require a custom landing page, and we can set you up with an account at no cost.

Advertising Opportunities

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