Case-Monkey iPhone Case: No Bulk, No Problems!

If you can’t bear bulky, uncomfortable iPhone cases and want to keep your iPhone’s sleek design intact, then Case-Monkey’s iPhone cases are just right for you! Give Case-Monkey a try, it doesn’t charge you for playing around with design and it lets you save them to your profile while sending you a link of your saved case design to your personal e-mail. You can purchase your cool iPhone Case for the small price of $24.95 Don’t forget this iPhone case is delivered right to your doorstep! AND for those living outside the U.S., we also deliver to you!

Back Pain due to Heavy Cellphone Cases?

Many researchers, including the American Chiropractic Association, have found that heavy cell phones carried in your pants’ back pockets or sitting down on your cellphone, can lead to back pain.  Case-Monkey’s mission is to strive away from iPhone cases that are too HEAVY; we make lightweight cases for people who want to carry iPhone’s in their back pockets. Case-Monkey also moves away from BULKY cases; for those who want to keep their iPhone in their front pockets, jackets, or mini-purses. Unlike the undesirable traits mentioned above. Case-Monkey cases are durable, scratchproof, lightweight and slick = no pain or discomfort… we actually care for you.

Case-Monkey has YOUR BACK!

While case-monkey literally helps prevent back pain, this awesome iPhone Case Website more importantly delivers the case of your dreams – PERSONALIZED and UNIQUE designs (or advertisement for those marketing lovers) made by the one and only- YOU. Become the creator of your iPhone Case’s look. Making sure your iPhone is safe and protected… that’s on us! Yes, Case-Monkey has your back ;)


iPhone Case : Visit us at

iPhone Case : Visit us at