monkey case

Have you Joined the Custom Case Craze!

If you’re like most people in today’s world, your cell phone is your most used and seen accessory. You can’t leave the house without it and it goes with you wherever you go. Do you want a boring, plain case to protect your phone? We don’t. How about a custom photo case that you can show off to everyone you meet? With our easy process, you can design your own custom phone case in a matter of minutes. Do you have a picture from your recent summer beach vacation you’d like to look at during those upcoming cold winter days? Put that custom photo on your new case! Do you have a wedding photo you’d like to remind you of that special day? Put that custom photo on your new case and overlay your wedding date with our many fonts so you’ll never forget your anniversary! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1: Choose your device and case

2: Choose your design/custom photo/text

3: Save, share (if you wish), and purchase!

Don’t Monkey Around with Other Cases

Monkey cases are a growing popular style! Create a monkey case with Case-Monkey! See what we just did there? A monkey case is definitely an attention grabber. Create a custom monkey case for your i-Phone, i-Pod, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry, or tablet. Choose from a Thinshield, Snap On, Tough Case, or Leather/Wallet case to input your monkey case design! Pick a cartoon monkey face with a colored background, or make your entire case a funky monkey! Are you a music fan? Throw some Arctic Monkeys lyrics on there to sing along to. Kids will love it also! Remember the story of 5 Little Monkeys jumping on the bed? What about Curious George? These famous monkeys will be sure to catch your child’s attention during those long car rides or shopping trips.

Once you see all of our possibilities to customize your case, you won’t want to create your monkey case anywhere else!