These days a broken iPhone has become quiet the expense.  It is estimated that close to six billion dollars have been spent on broken iPhones in repairs and replacements.  I think this has made many people come to realize is that these devices aren’t the best swimmers.  Not only that, but they don’t take impact very lightly either.  You can make your own iPhone case, which won’t necessarily make it any better of a swimmer, but it can help you from having to contribute to this six billion expense that has acquired overtime from each broken iPhone.

Top Causes That Lead to a Broken iPhone

iPhones, and more generally Smartphones, have become such a major part of today’s society.  People take their iPhones with them everywhere, and by everywhere I mean everywhere.  It seems many people can’t even leave their iPhone behind for just a couple minutes even when they are going to the bathroom.  So, in today’s society our phones are much more vulnerable to impact.  If you make your own iPhone case you can protect your phone from theses common accidents like dropping it from your hand or scratching it while it sits in your purse.

The top five reasons people break their iPhones are:

  1. 1.) They drop their iPhone from their hands
  2. 2.) They drop their iPhone into a toilet (or some other body of water)
  3. 3.) Their iPhone falls out of their lap
  4. 4.) Their iPhone is knocked off of a table or other surface
  5. 5.) Their iPhone gets soaked by liquid spills

Make Your Own iPhone Case for Protection from Everyday Wear and Tear

Many people don’t like the bulk or the design of a case so they avoid ever getting one for their phone.  The original look of an iPhone does look pretty sleek when it’s new, but it doesn’t take long for a simple scratch to ruin that special look.  Who knows how little time it might take for it to experience some serious damages.  If you make your own iPhone case you can create the perfect design that fits your style, and you can choose a case that isn’t too bulky that will still fit in your pocket.  Get started on your case now and save yourself some repair costs!

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