Last week we rolled out a fresh new feature, which also covered a bug we had noticed in regard to setting your case design “public” for your profile and the gallery or “private” for just yourself to see.  The new feature that addresses this is “Privacy Settings” for all custom case designs.

How to Set Your Case Design Design Private or Public

Now you can set your level of privacy to Public or Private for any design either by selecting the checkbox in step 4 when finishing a new design, or by visiting the design profile page for any design you’ve created in the past and clicking the button “Make Public” or “Make Private”.

Designs Marked Private

If you mark a case design “Private”, it will only show to you when you are logged in to the account that created it.  It will not show to anyone except you, meaning it will never show up to anyone else who views y our profile with your personal design gallery, nor will it show up in the “Recent User Designs” gallery.

Moderators May Mark Designs Private

Our moderators are also able to control this setting in the case of inappropriate content. So, for example, if you’ve created a custom case design of uncle Harry in a thong, and marked it public, you may return to find it’s been marked private for you by a moderator. This way, nobody needs to see your hairy uncle, but you still can (as long as you log in with the same account you used to create and save it).  But in any case, please don’t mark designs like hairy Uncle Harry’s butt public if they are inappropriate or offensive, our moderators don’t want to see them either, no matter how funny they might be. ;)

Backwards Compatible for Old Designs

If you’ve made a design prior to this update, simply visit your profile, click on any one of your case designs, and you’ll find the “Make Public” and “Make Private” buttons in the right column next to the image of your design.  Click the button to set the privacy the way you want it
for that design.