In recent trends people have become extremely attracted to the “do-it-yourself” endeavors.  Without the aid of professionals, people have been taking projects into their own hands.  Social networks like Pinterest have blown up with a variety of unique and creative DIY crafts, clothing, furniture and more.  With you can create a DIY phone case.  You’ll have the opportunity to use your creative juices to come up with your ideal case design, and you’ll come to appreciate your case that much more since it will have a unique meaning to you.  A DIY phone case will feel better than any other store bought phone case you could buy.

DIY Phone Case Ideas

We have come up with a few of our own DIY phone case ideas. You can take these ideas and create your own that looks the exact same, create a similar one with your own personal tweak, or you can come up with a completely new and unique design!

Our first idea or category is a symbolic DIY phone case. Choose a symbol that is important to you or represents something important in your life. This could be anything ranging from a meaningful religious symbol or maybe just your favorite décor symbol. As big fans of the aquatic life we chose to go with an anchor symbol.

Our second category is a photograph DIY phone Case. Everyone loves a good photo whether it is admiring the beauty of an incredible shot or looking back on a piece of your memory. Sunsets are always a good go-to as it’s hard for anyone not to find those admiring.

Finally, our third category is geometric DIY phone Case. Like any DIY phone case this category is up for countless interpretations. You can choose something simple like stripes or polka dots, or you can go for more complex shapes. We chose to do one of our favorite patterns from the ancient Aztecs, which is a combination of geometric shapes.

Creativity and Quality

The biggest difference with our DIY phone case is that it will be printed for you. The designs on our cases will last long so you won’t have to try and maintain the look of your case. You won’t have to continuously re-glue pieces of paper or symbols that might fall off in a couple weeks, or re-draw images that wear off every time you touch your phone. You still get the creative aspect with double the quality!