Photo collages are a fun and easy craft for all ages that can make a memorable decoration for various occasions. These can be great for any custom case, like an iPhone Case or a Samsung Galaxy Case, but the larger and wider back makes an iPad Case the best to fit most pictures into the layout.  Plus, what could be a better location for such an ideal piece of artwork than covering the back of your custom iPad case that can go anywhere and everywhere with you, unlike most photo albums that sit on a shelf collecting dust!  Here’s are a few steps to take into consideration when creating your photo collage for your case.

Keep a Theme in Mind for Your Custom iPad Case

Before your start compiling all of your photos together, you will want to choose a theme for your photo collage. If you are making a gift for your friends birthday, you might want to choose a theme based on their past birthday memories or pictures with close friends.  If you love flowers, for example, you could make that your theme and create a collage of different types of flowers, which always looks pretty.  You could also choose a theme that focuses more on the style of photo, for example using all black and white or vintage images.  You can create the perfect collage for your custom iPad Case with the endless amount of themes to choose from.

Colors for Your Custom iPad Case

If you really want to make your custom iPad case more appealing, it is important to focus on the colors of your collage and make sure they flow and match. With proper use of colors you can make certain photos stand out more than others by placing contrasting colors together. Be sure the colors don’t clash or drown each other out, though, because if you have too many overpowering colors it can make it busy and harder to focus on the imagery in the collage photos.

Design a Layout for Your Photo Collage iPad Case

This can be one of the most fun steps when you create a photo collage. Your layout is how you choose to organize the photos that will be displayed on your custom iPad Case. You can choose to display all your photos in an organized row or have them more randomly displayed. This is also when you will want to choose the size of your photos and which order they are stacked in (which pictures are in front or behind others).

As you move around photos and decide where they overlap, you an use the Adjustment menu to “bring to front” or “send backwards”.  Just click one of your photos and the menu appears on the left.  Or, if the photos don’t overlap  they can have space in between creating a border between them where the background colors show through.  It’s up to you!  Again, your options are endless for the layout, but just for a little hint: you may want to place your favorite photo toward the center, and a bit larger, because this tends to be where most viewers focus on first and adds a nice balance.

Add Your Own Custom Text or More Little Graphics

Once you have created the perfect photo collage for your custom iPad case, you will have the option to add other decorations. As you continue through the steps of customizing a case you can add words, phrases, or other drawings that might compliment the photos in your collage.

Save Your Design and Load it On ANY Other Case with 1 Click!

Remember, with one click you can add this same collage to any other product such as the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or iPod touch, too!  Save your design, and then on the right you will have

Have a great time and good luck with your collages!


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