Custom Phone Cases; The  Way to Go!

Cell phone covers have grown in popularity as quickly as the newest cell phone technology. Not only do cases protect your investment, they can make your phone more functional, more accessible and harder to lose. Choosing the right cell phone case for your personal needs is easy; the opportunities are endless, both in the brick and mortar outlets as well as on line. And now about your business?


Custom Phone Cases for your Business

You use your cell phone every day, and the average cell phone user keeps his phone for 18 months. You take it everywhere you go and so does your staff. What a better way to promote your business than to put your logo on your phone case and your message. If you are like most companies, you pay for your employees phones, at least the customer facing sales, marketing and support staff. And they are out there every day meeting all kinds of potential customer. Now, if you go on to, you can not only create your own custom cover with your logo and whatever picture you would like to put on there, but you can also buy them in bulk for your employees through coupon codes, hand them out during your sales meeting and let them customize and personalize their own case with your logo and message already on there.

Contact Case-Monkey today at and ask for our corporate programs. You will be amazed how well this works for your company and you protect your investment in phones at the same time.