We Love You, and You’ll Love Custom iPhone Cases

Case-monkey loves your unique style.  Our whole thing that makes us tick is personalization and individuality.  We understand that everyone has different taste, different style, different language, different everything, and that beauty is in the eye of the beholder!  That’s why we’ve focused everything on endless possibilities to what you can do when creating your iPhone Cases; the sky is the limit.  Have fun my friends!

Case-Monkey Loves Photography and Poster Fans

Are you one of those people that goes into stores and when you see a poster stand (those you can flip like a book) you think, “ Man I would definitely have that poster in my house”, but end up concluding that they won’t fit, your roommate isn’t into that, or you look at the price tag (“it’s a print on a piece of paper!”) and end up not buying it?  What about putting that same image on your own phone case where you can see it and love it every day?

Are you a picture lover?  Nowadays, we take pictures on our digital cameras and back up and store our pictures in computers and on external drives.  We don’t always appreciate them anymore like in the days when they were stored in books and albums… We used to carry our favorite pictures everywhere –  in our wallets, packpacks, purses, and cars when they were printed out on paper… Well,  Case-Monkey is a perfect solution for this VIP (Very Important Picture) problem.

The Case-Monkey website allows you to upload your favorite poster or favorite photos and make your own iPhone case that you can take with you and love everywhere you go with your phone (does anyone even go anywhere without their phone these days?).  We encourage you to have fun making it more “your style”  with all the cool tools we have available for you personalize it even further with your own style (twist and turn the image, write some custom text, make it glow, and many more).  Also, you can just hit the “Fit to Width” button and “Fit to Height” button and get that image to fit perfectly spread out on the case, a perfect fit every time! ;) .  You just made yourself a mobile poster.  If you have two, three, four (or more) favorite images/posters, make a case for all of them and now you have the freedom to change them around or match them with your style or gear for the day.  Case-Monkey is all about creative freedom; we believe that every human on earth should have the “Right and Liberty of iPhone Case Design”.  So go ahead, try it out. We are sure you will be stoked!

Photographers, Artists, Designers, Creatives – Read This.

Photographers, Artists, Designers, or Any Creative Entrepreneurs, this is your chance to shine! Let people see your talent wherever you go. It’s hard enough to market yourself with just a business card or website, and it’s not always the least awkward thing to try to interject a business card into a social situation when you want to.  Case-Monkey provides another option and a GREAT conversation starter.  Think of your iPhone Case as your walking advertisement without having to even say a word! It’s like showing off your skills and without looking like you’re soliciting.  For example, walking on the street, sitting at a café, setting your phone on a bar or table, picking up a call at a restaurant or more appropriately, at an art expo (that’s walking advertisement!), are all great opportunities for your phone to be your little personal ad to peak people’s curiosity.  People will often say “Oh, cool picture, what is that?”  or ask you, “That’s a cool case, where did you get it?” and you will likely explain that it’s actually YOUR  photograph.  Ever have to tell someone what you do and have to try to explain your style?  Now you can just pull out your phone and say “Actually, here’s one I did.”  It doesn’t hurt to drop your name or website on their, either.  It’s all YOU that did the work; we just provide the customization, medium, and added protection for your iPhone.  Have your iPhone protection and your talent working together as an extra marketing tool that’s always in your pocket. Hooray for Case Monkey Synergy! 

Example: Even Mario Testino Can Use Case-Monkey (and it looks great)! ;)

iPhone Case for Photographers and Photography Lovers

iPhone Case for Photographers and Photography Lovers


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