Memories to Keep Forever: The Best Wave of Your Life On Your iPhone Case

iPhone Case for SurfersiPhone cases by Case-Monkey are the perfect match for passionate surfers. Ocean lovers like you, enjoy recalling the best waves they have surfed in their lives. You all dream about the past, future, and even day dream about paradisiacal destinations surrounded by perfect waves.

What surfers love the most is capturing those special moments with a camera. You want to re-live that moment and see yourselves from a different perspective. It’s all about that special picture that captured you experiencing the best time of your life. With Case-Monkey you can carry that moment with you everywhere you go.  If you go to our website, you can upload your favorite surf picture and make your that picture your new iPhone case.  Personalize your case and live that extraordinary instant again and again.  Memories fade away, but pictures are forever!

 iPhone Case: Show Off Your Surf Skills With Case-Monkey!

With Case-Monkey, it’s easy to show off your surfing skills to the world. After months or years of commitment to improving your surf style and attempting to land impossible tricks, it’s time you got recognized. You put enough effort! So if people ever wonder if you are a real surfer or just a bunch of talk, just pick up a call on your phone. What better way to show them you’re “legit” than by displaying a picture of you surfing on your iPhone’s case!  That unforgettable picture that caught moment you in action is the evidence of that proud moment. Show it off! It’s your right!

Case-Monkey is here for you.  We let you post your personal pictures and make them into an iPhone Case. Now you have an awesome iPhone case with your picture on it AND the protection you need for your phone (protecting a surfer’s vital iPhone apps, can’t live without Surfline!). When your not in the water, protect you gear in style and live happy.

Only a surfer knows the feeling! Make one today!