Mustaches seem to not only be growing on faces these days, but on wardrobes as well. The ‘stache is back showing up on clothes, cakes, nails, jewelry, baby binkies and more. You can become a part of this trend by customizing your own mustache Samsung Galaxy S4 case. Now males aren’t the only ones who get to embrace this fun-facial hair culture.

What Style is Your Mustache Samsung Galaxy S4 Case Growing?

The hardest part may be deciding which type of mustache your going to use to design your case. Will it be the Walrus, the Fu Manchu or the Dali? The possible styles for your Samsung Galaxy S4 case are endless. On top of that, you may decide you want to add a funny saying to your case. A favorite for many being, “I mustache you a question, but will shave it for later.”

Once you’ve created your design, you may be wondering what exactly your ‘stache says about you. It’s all up to your own interpretation, but here’s what we think about a few of the styles. The Walrus says you are laid back and fun, and you have an aura of low-key. The Fu Manchu says you are masculine yet introspective, a scholar and yet a fighter. Finally, the Dali says you are unique and original, or in other words you are completely off the wall. Makes It Easy makes it easy to get your Samsung Galaxy S4 case designed with the perfect mustache that fits your style and maybe even your personality. In four simple steps you can upload your photo and add graphics or texts creating the perfect case. Find out for yourself how fun and easy it is to make your own case. We’d would love to sit here all day and tell you exactly how great it is, but unfortunately we really mustache.