There are always so many guesses when Apple releases a new iPhone, not just what new features are going to be available in the new iPhone but even down to what day it is coming out. Every blogger and tech pundit on the Internet has a guess and so does every tech site and even every iPhone case website. And we have our guess, too: September 12th.

This is the date most of the Internet agrees with for the new iPhone 5 launch date and we concur. Based on the timing, the numerous reports that Apple has scheduled an even for September 12th, and the fact that they will unveil the new iPhone 5 before it becomes available suggest early September. An early to mid September reveal gives Apple time to have new iPhone 5s in the stores around the end of September, early October. That leaves Apple set up for a blockbuster release going straight in to the holiday season. If there is anything Apple knows how to do, it is deliver a new iPhone at exactly the right time.

Some betting houses have even started taking lines on the new iPhone 5 release date. The betting is not only on the exact date of the iPhone 5 release but also specifically what products will be revealed, (we’re hoping for that new iPhone 5), which countries will get it first, who the first carriers will be, what features will be in the iPhone, and even first day sales projections. We’re not going to hazard too much of a guess on those fronts and leave that for the hardcore gamblers but we have our own ideas based on previous Apple iPhone events.

Regardless of which day Apple picks for their new iPhone 5 release date we’ll be tuned in live and watching the broadcast. And we’ve kept our calendars clear for September 12th, 2012.