Sorry, we had to say it. But we couldn’t resist having a little fun with one of the newest iPhone 5 case designs we’ve made. Check out this beauty from some of our earlier tests. One of the easiest ways to make your own design is to take a large image you may already have place it on whatever you are designing in the customizer. PROTIP: Adding designs is in Step 3 in the customizer.

Simply take a large image and place in on the iPhone 5 model. Increase the size as you need to and viola! Some of your favorite images and designs you may already have will look great on your new iPhone 5 and of course they’ll impress your friends. Click here to get started on your new iPhone 5 case design!

Not a huge artist? No worries! We have tons of ready-made designs for you to choose from, including this iPhone 5 design! Once the new iPhone 5 cases are available you’ll be able to add this one directly to your cart and have it shipped straight to you, but for now you’ll have to settle for just drooling over it. Click here to view this iPhone 5 design.

New iPhone 5 Case Design - Bombs

New iPhone 5 Case Design