People will look at a number of different phone cases for days in order to find that perfect case, which of course makes sense seeing that not many people want to turn their good looking iPhone into some unattractive box. Our custom iPhone 5 case will help end your search short. We know you look for certain factors such as how durable the case is, how bright the design is, and overall how good the general appearance is. Many people not only look at the design of the case, but they also take into consideration how the design print is laid out and the quality of that print. We let you choose your case, and create the design for your case so that you can have the perfect case that fits all your requirements. A common concern people have is whether their design will extend to the edges of the case. With our custom iPhone 5 case you can have that option. The iPhone 5 Snap On Case will have your design printed from edge to edge and even around the curved corners of the case!

Sleek Finish for Your Custom iPhone 5 Case

This custom iPhone 5 case will give your finished product a bright and polished look. It is made of a super gloss hard plastic shell, which makes it more durable in order to help protect your phone from common falls. The original color of the case is white, so the colors that you choose from your computer screen will appear very similar to the actual colors printed on your case. This custom iPhone 5 case will meet all your needs from durability to design.